Weekly on Wednesday

7:00PM — 8:00PM EST

West Village H 366

Tech Talk

Technical Interview Worshop With Google!


Feb 16

Event Series

Breaking the Stigma

This series provides a platform for discussing important topics related to diversity and inclusion in the technology industry.


Level Up

Build your computer science skills with the help of mentors at our hands-on workshops. Bring your laptop and get ready to learn!


Tech Talk

Broaden your horizons and network with professionals who are happy to share insights from their journey in the fastest-changing industry today.


Town Hall

Impact your academic experience at our town halls, where students voice concerns and suggestions regarding courses, student life, and more!


Code for Cash

This semesterly event offers students the opportunity to learn new skills while competing to win prizes in a friendly, relaxed environment.


Coding 404

Error: coding not found! These social events are your chance to wind down and catch up with friends.